Guangdong injection molding machine industry development situation

date: 2019-06-06

Guangdong injection molding machine industry development situation

Guangdong as a pioneer of China's reform and opening up, took the lead in the industry, after decades of rapid development, at present the whole machinery industry got rapid rise, many of the injection molding machine enterprises are from the former processing gradually mastered the core technology of manufacturing, some large enterprises have their own research and development base and senior technical personnel, in machinery processing, manufacturing, research and development, innovation, and exports in many aspects, such as guangdong is walking in the front of the whole country.

Plastic industry upstream and downstream manufacturers and the guangdong market demand for precision injection molding machine is more and more big, will force the manufacture of the injection molding machine manufacturer in the future will be more precise injection molding machine, of course, this also is a kind of opportunity, is also a lot of manufacturers in the transformation of best time, necessary to grasp the opportunity, can in the future of the development of the industry, take the initiative.

In the current production, the injection pressure of almost all injection machines in guangdong is based on the pressure applied on the plastic by the plunger or screw top (converted from the oil line pressure). The influence of injection pressure in injection molding is very difficult to be precise. In order to produce more precise injection molding machines, many manufacturers have established their own r&d and innovation bases. In time, they will surely see better results.

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