Mechanical enterprises manufacturing high-end injection molding machine is the f

date: 2019-06-06

Mechanical enterprises manufacturing high-end injection molding machine is the future direction of development

Although injection molding machine industry in China after decades of development, has reached the point of very strong, but still have a lot of accounting technology and didn't have heart, according to related statistics, according to the results of our export most of the injection molding machine is cheap, and advanced injection molding machine is still controlled by foreign manufacturers, it also suggests that machinery enterprises in our country, in the high-end market what did not grasp the core technology, and mechanical industry, most of the profits from the high-end market.

It also gives our country manufacturing manufacturers specify a path, and the direction of future development, injection molding machine enterprises is to create high-end products, injection molding into the high-end market, with global market competition, then can attain the real power, the industry in recent years, our country market change, technology upgrade soon, rely on cheap Labour and cheap resources have been unable to win in the current market situation. At the same time, what customers pay most attention to is not the price factor, but the production efficiency and product performance. Enterprises need to upgrade their technologies to get more added value.

Only through our own company's research and development, innovation can have its own core technology, to manufacture and create better and more advanced injection molding machine products, which is also the first choice of future development direction.

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