Energy saving is the way out for horizontal injection molding machine manufactur

date: 2019-06-06

Energy saving is the way out for horizontal injection molding machine manufacturers

In machinery industry, one of the most energy consumption are injection molding machine, probably accounted for more than half of the whole of the machinery industry, is one of the biggest machinery of urban pollution to the environment of the factory production equipment, with the current social people too different to the requirement of environmental protection, in the future enterprise of manufacturing equipment, energy saving will be more and more attention by the manufacturer, is also the way of injection molding machine manufacturer in the future.

In injection molding machine of the old old energy is amazing, according to incomplete statistics, consumption down to enough energy for thousands of people a year a year of consumption of energy, growing urban environment pollution is more and more serious in our country, and takes up a lot of industrial production scale, has become the common requirements for protection of the environment with through at this time, injection molding machine production enterprise must take the lead, start from their own, eliminated the previous old injection molding machine, to install the most advanced energy saving injection molding machine, is the way out, otherwise the production of product quality, machine performance, work efficiency is not the best.

Some foreign manufacturers, in the early 90 s has been in the energy saving system, and the machinery industry in China started relatively late, but develop much faster than the western developed countries, but we are at the high end of injection molding machine industry, still lags far behind in terms of energy saving advanced foreign manufacturers, to achieve the world first-class injection molding machine production, to create a more advanced, energy-saving injection molding machine is a way out.

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