15/5000 Foreign injection molding machine manufacturers in China to achieve lo

date: 2019-06-06

Foreign injection molding machine manufacturers in China to achieve localization

At present, according to the China national machinery industry, the overseas well-known brand injection molding machine have investment in China to expand production, capacity expansion for its products, to realize localization production and assembly, and the famous brand of China director said in an interview: the company has been made in China's first domestic local injection molding machine, and have already delivery to the hands of producers, believe that before long, can see his produced by the product quality.

And along with our country economy continues to grow, the increasing influence in the whole world, many large foreign enterprises, multinational companies have to pay more and more attention to the Chinese market, in the same is true of injection molding machine industry, there have been more and more advanced foreign manufacturers, into the set up factories in China, to realize localization production, in order to achieve the capacity into the domestic market,

According to our research results show that the cost of the local production in China is far lower than the cost of developed countries, the most important thing is don't need freight, don't need too long time can reach buyer's hand, more importantly, in the injection molding machine of low cost, the price in accordance with the standards of European brands, profits will increase, this is the purpose of the advanced foreign manufacturers do factories in China.

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