High precision vertical injection molding machine suitable for thin - wall high speed automatic continuous sheet metal forming.

        Oil-electric hybrid power, stable and powerful oil pressure mold locking, high speed and precision electric melting glue, shooting glue, years of accumulation of energy-saving hydraulic servo technology and rich experience, the establishment of the most suitable for thin-wall high-speed automatic continuous metal strip forming requirements, and has a high cost performance.


        In VE series, injection glue, sol used servo electric drive, hydraulic system power using energy-saving servo pump, electric, oil pressure is completely independent of each other. High acceleration and high speed and synchronous operation shorten cycle time, improve efficiency and reduce expenditure.


        Servo motor drive special-shaped precision belt + precision heavy-duty ball screw can ensure the drive shaft stiffness and corresponding power control. The high resolution absolute value encoder position measurement on servomotor realizes the high precision of positioning and guarantees the product quality with the highest repetition accuracy.


        VE series servomotor driving efficiency and servo pump oil pressure locking hybrid power make VE series of efficient working mode. The energy supply of servo motor and servo pump greatly reduces the total energy consumption of the machine. These favorable factors can reduce the total energy consumption by 30%~60% compared with traditional machines.

        The minimum discharge

        The sol servo motor drive in hybrid VE series can accurately control the feeding speed, the injection servo motor drive + pressure sensor, up to 14 injection speed 14 injection pressure or pressure maintenance. The servo pump with enough force is adopted in the mold locking part, and the pressure and speed can be controlled precisely. Only when the pressure and speed are required during the molding of the product, the power system can output the pressure and speed directionally, which greatly reduces the unnecessary energy waste.

The quality of

        Through the high precision electric drive melt glue, shoot glue, can carry on each kind of insert the precise injection molding processing, at the same time always maintains the extremely high product quality. This series of machines is composed of hybrid, some of the action can be overlapped, through a large number of injection molding process details can get high quality products and save the molding cycle.