Zhuoyong explains the difference between ordinary and low-pressure injection mol

date: 2019-06-06

Since the emergence of low-pressure injection molding machine is constantly replacing the traditional ordinary injection molding machine, the prospects are very optimistic. Many new contact low pressure injection molding machine people have a question, is what is different between them? If the pressure of the ordinary injection molding machine is adjusted to the pressure of the low-pressure injection molding machine, it will be ok. For example, if the pressure of a certain product is 21mp, then if the pressure of the ordinary injection molding machine is adjusted to this, can it be used for production like the low-pressure injection molding machine?

This is mainly because of the low-pressure injection molding machine do not know, low-pressure injection molding machine and ordinary injection molding is not only the difference of pressure, but also the injection materials, injection process and way are different.

Low pressure injection molding machine with raw materials and traditional ordinary injection molding machine is not the same, low pressure injection molding machine does not have a screw device, because low pressure injection molding hot melt adhesive degree is very low, good popularity, do not need to use screw extrusion, only need to heat through the rubber cylinder after melting through gear pump injection, and then cooling and forming. Traditional injection molding machine even if the pressure is adjusted to the same as low-pressure injection molding, due to the material viscosity, poor liquidity, direct injection will lead to insufficient injection, that is, we all said the lack of glue phenomenon. In addition, the bonding performance of low-pressure injection materials is unmatched by traditional process plastics.

Low pressure injection material because of waterproof, flame retardant, good high temperature and low temperature resistance. So its cost is relatively high, generally used in the high added value, such as mobile phone circuit, PCB circuit board and other precision electronic instrument components. Due to the small and fragile components of precision electronic components, traditional high-pressure and high-temperature injection molding is easy to damage the components, so the first choice in precision instruments is low-pressure injection molding machine.

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